Welcome to Atarashii Apprentice Program

Atarashii Apprentice Program is a Federally approved apprenticeship training program with approval through  United States Department of Labor- Employment Training Administration.  The Atarashii Apprentice Program offers sponsor apprenticeship training in:

Cosmetology | Hairdesign | Barbering | Esthetics | Manicuring

Our objective is to partner with a mentoring salons and apprentice candidates to provide oversight, reporting and fundamental training to enhance the on the job training provided by the salon. We make it our goal to make apprenticeship easy and fun for both the salon | spa and the apprentice.

Thank you for taking the time to understand us, who we are and what we are all about. Please reach out to connect and ask questions. Our goal is to get to know you and find out if an apprenticeship in the beauty trade is for you and guide you through the process. 



Core Values


The Atarashii Apprentice Program capitalizes on innovation, we believe the work we do empowers everyone to be their best self, and our legacy lives in the way that we give back to the community.


The Atarashii Apprentice Program empowers the beauty industry through life long education and philanthropy.  We believe it is our responsibility to evolve hair and beauty education, challenging the status quo, through continual commitment to creating rich, best in class, educational experiences using the latest technology and innovations.

We facilitate motivated individuals to realize sustainable careers within the beauty industry.  We provide education, resources and a community in which to thrive.

Our History

Atarashii Apprentice Program was launched through a grass roots effort in the backroom of a salon & spa just north of Seattle, WA. We wanted to create a path for the self directed motivated adult learner.

The three founding co owners of the Salon &  Spa found that they were constantly hiring and spending a minimum of a year or more training the new hires just to find out that it was all a futile effort.There had to be a better way. Apprenticeship afforded the opportunity to hire for personality, team culture fit and drive.

Client Testimonials

"Atarashii Apprentice Program presented me a learning path that I didn't think was an option. I worked in salon, with an experienced Nail Tech who taught me fundamentals, and guided me through scenarios that came up while working on clients. Once I passed my exams and was looking for work, I definitely feel having that salon experience buffed up my resume, and I got hired on the spot!! I love what I do. I love doing nails. This is my passion. My experience through Atarashii allowed me to discover that love/obsession. If you ever get the chance to work with Jessee directly, take it all in!! All the nuggets of wisdom just seem to flow right out and it really is inspiring. I'm so glad to have had my experiences, and looking forward to what's in store.

Leilani Cabral San Agustin

Manicuring Apprentice Alum

"First I would like to start by saying Jessee Skittrall and his team are outstanding professional in our industry. They have the ability to provide all of the apprentices, with the knowledge and the placement in a Salon that will best suit the needs for their learning ability. This is the first time I have had the pleasure of being in an apprenticeship program under this program of Atarashii. They make it easy to be on board with this. This program allows future professionals to get hands on training every day. We have all the hands on training things outlined and at our fingertips to use. The Atarashii team checks in on a regular basis to keep things up to the program standards. Just to be clear their standards are top notch! I have helped many future professionals finish hours with externships and or internships. Working with the different schools has been good but very different than having someone so passionate about his apprentices being successful. The Atarashii Team holds all of their apprentices to very high standards.  I feel this apprenticeship program is the best that has been done! Hands down. It is so nice to be able to contact and speak with a real person if the need arises."

Marie Weiss

Training Agent- Shear Perfection Everett, WA