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Podcast Interview with Elaine Travis: Apprenticeship vs beauty School

Check this video that our friend Elaine Travis filmed for her podcast show  "Ask The Color Expert."   Check her out at Expert Color Solutions.  We want to say a big thank...

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How to Save Money on Taxes with an Apprentice in Your Salon

If you own a salon and you’re looking for ways to reduce your tax bill, hiring an apprentice might be a smart move. Not only can you train a future employee and provide them with valuable skills, but you can also take advantage of some tax benefits...

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Breaking Barriers: Advocating for Apprenticeships in the Beauty Industry

Are you facing the frustrating reality of not having access to apprenticeships in your state? The lack of apprenticeship programs can indeed pose a significant...

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Iowa's Cosmetology & Barbering Boards Merge: What You Need to Know

In May 2023, Iowa enacted legislation merging its Cosmetology and Barbering Boards, a move that has sparked considerable interest and discussion within the beauty...

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Stop ‘Re-training’ and start “Training”!

Running a successful salon can be both exhilarating and challenging, especially when faced with the constant demand for skilled professionals and the struggle...