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Darin Eschbach

Applicant Coordinator-Western US Division


My name is Darin Eschbach I am currently living and working in Lake Stevens WA. I am originally from Edmonds WA. I traveled to Anyang South Korea to teach English. I taught in South Korea for ten years. I received my first degree in Food Technology in 1986. I received my Associate Degree in General Studies in 1998. I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Business Management in 2001, followed by an MBA/TM in 2003. While in South Korea I pursued a master’s degree in teaching.

I have made things that range from pizzas to sealed CO2 lasers. As a restaurant manager for ten years I applied those skills to light and medium manufacturing. Before moving to Korea and becoming a teacher I was working as a production specialist in light and medium manufacturing. I have worked in purchasing, HR developing production training guidelines, managed production lines, andd new production lines. As a production specialist you are in a constant state of teaching. 

Although in business you are not teaching academically, you are however teaching both life and jobs skills to the people that work for you. As the man that got med on this path (Dan Perriult) always said to me, “You can either hire the skills or grow the skills”, you require the employee to posses. Even though it is a little more difficult I have always preferred to grow the skills in my employees. 

I have been with Atarashii since January of 2022 and have made the job of Apprentice Applicant Coordinator my own. I have helped set-up the current guidelines and procedures for the applicants to the Atarashii Apprenticeship Program, manage their progress through the process and ultimately qualifying or rejecting them from the program. I also do all sorts of administrative support work for our other team members.  

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